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How to Conquer the Wilderness with ASICS shoes via Foot Locker coupons

ASICS is a Japanese company that used an acronym for the Latin phrase “anima sana in corpore sano” which means “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” They offer a wide range of sportswear for martial arts, basketball, football, tennis, badminton, and more. They also feature trail running shoes designed for stability and comfort that can be bought with Foot Locker coupons.

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ASICS has been praised for its high-quality shoes with reasonable prices. That is why most of their products are highly recommended by shoe retail companies like Foot Locker for trail running with special discount program like Foot Locker coupons. Meanwhile, trail running also have benefits too like it can reduce stress upon seeing the mountains (fresh air, good ambience, etc.), it can prevent any kind of forms of tendinitis and have great effect on the brain.

With foot locker discount coupons, anyone can conquer the wild terrains only if they choose the right trail running shoes. At Footlocker.com they feature good pairs of trail running shoes that have trail-specific outsole with reversed hauls for aggressive traction and support. ASICS’ GT-2000 Trail v2, for instance, has a GEL cushioning systems that promote foot movements so its wearer can also have good grip and comfort at the same time.

GT-2000 Trail v2 lasts up to over 30 miles so it proves that it is a pair of long-lasting trail running shoes with mild over-pronator foot mechanics. These branded shoes can also be bought with Foot Locker Coupons 2014.

Furthermore, ASICS’ Gel-Fujiracer 3 ensures lightweight trail running experience while it also reduces the friction against the ground. It has seamless upper and a lace garage to keep a trail runner from slipping while it features an anti-gravel and dirt tongue to avoid any particles to go inside the shoe.

It is important for trail runners to have breathable shoes so it won’t become smelly because of the sweat and moisture. For this reason, the Gel-Fujiracer 3 was installed with a perforated sock liner for water drainage optimization.

ASICS advocates loved wearing these trail running shoes including those who bought it with foot locker in store coupons. Most of them also find these shoes very stylish and can be worn aside from running. Other notable ASICS trail running shoes are Gel-Fujitrainer 3, Gel-Scout for men and Gel-Arctic 4 WR.

Here are other factors trail runners should consider on choosing the right trail running shoes:

  • Trail running shoes should have good foot protection to avoid blisters, and other toe injuries. Most trail running shoes today have stiffer soles as well as concealed plates on the front.

  • Buy lightweight trail running shoes. It would be harder for up-tempo runs if the trail runner wears heavy shoes. For off-road runs, it is best to have shoes with deep lugs.

  • Minimalist trail running shoes can also be a good option if runners want to feel a more natural yet barefoot feel while running.

Take note that trail running shoes are different from road-running shoes. Each pair of shoes is designed with different purposes such as customized spikes and rubber outsoles. Trail running shoes can be easily found at Footlocker.com. Purchase them now with Foot locker coupons to get huge discounts!

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